NAS Teardown

A defunct LaCie 5big Network was just sitting around waiting for a better world. When asked anything it had no better answer than constantly flashing its eye in bright red. Subsequently it was signed up for a teardown:


Tech Recycling

One of the signs of a true geek/nerd is the constant curiosity and drive to tinker with technology. What I mean here is to take it apart and see how it works 😉

Recently I had another inspiration for tech recycling and took some retired hardware apart: a drive bay tower.

Markings on "duct tape" to protect the case from scratches

Markings on “duct tape” to protect the case from scratches

While the drive bays got properly recycled the drive backplates should not go to waste so I decided to give them a new ‘home’.

After a quick visit to the local Maplin store in the hunt for the new case, the next step was all ready to go.

This finally provided a good opportunity to try the recently acquired ‘multi-tool’.

During this learning experience of how to use the tool and fitting hardware into a new case, the following main points crystalised:

  1. Prepare a pattern print of the cut out before attempting the milling.
  2. Use workbench if available rather than being too lazy to set it up.
  3. Check polarity and power consumption of LED before fitting.
  4. Don’t forget to add hot air gaps.
The finished product

The finished product: open casket

A small test run over the USB 2 port showed that even after refitting it still works. I only had an inadequate power supply to hand so I hope the LED will actually light up properly in the end; so far it only hints at any HDD activity.

Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of the plastic on a £3.50 box from the shop around the corner.

This may lead to future refittings 🙂 Tech Recycling – I’m loving it!