NAS Teardown

A defunct LaCie 5big Network was just sitting around waiting for a better world. When asked anything it had no better answer than constantly flashing its eye in bright red. Subsequently it was signed up for a teardown:


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  1. Hi there, I’m trying to take apart my 5big network 2 and can’t seem to get the cover off? If you have any pics that can help with this that would be great, I do want t oreassemble after so anything destructive is not in play.


    P.S I like the pics

    • Hi Jeremy,

      thanks 😉

      I took apart what I believe was the first iteration of the 5big network so it may be different to the version 2 you have. I don’t have the pictures to hand at the moment but there are 4 screws you need to remove. 2 are behind the hard-drives (take the HDDs all out) and use a very long screwdriver to get them out. The other 2 are hidden behind the little rubber feet under the NAS (I believe it was the 2 front ones) just take off the rubber feet and take them out. Voila, the metal case should come off.

      Happy Teardown 🙂

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